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  •         In relation with our expanding plans and new projects we are pleased to present you the new Beneito Faure Headquarters.
                                 All our thanks are direcyed to ours customers and personal team that have trust us that far.

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  1. 08/05/2017
    BENEITO FAURE is grateful for the support received from customers and the sales agents during the Exhibition Euroluce 2017 in Milan. In this edition 2017 BENEITO FAURE  gave a different imagine with …
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  2. 31/03/2017
    Beneito Faure informs that it’s already in stock a new model of projector called LEM 42w :   This new track  projector has  2 temperature of color : 3000k and 4000k and is available with a white or …
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  3. 19/03/2017
    It’s already available a new led dichroic: STIK BENEITO FAURE
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  4. 15/03/2017
      BENEITO FAURE©   is betting for a new type of lamps with a focus in the industrial and technical market thanks to a led industrial bell. This new lamp is already in stock and it is called UFO.  …
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