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  •         In relation with our expanding plans and new projects we are pleased to present you the new Beneito Faure Headquarters.
                                 All our thanks are direcyed to ours customers and personal team that have trust us that far.

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  1. 20/09/2016
    We inform you that from the 5th of September all staff is again in the office of Montornes del Valles. As always we will be pleased to help our client from 8.00 a.m until 4.00 p.m Our warehouse is …
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  2. 22/07/2016
      One important aspect to take in consideration for have an idea about the quality of LED lamps is the POWER FACTOR Power factor explanation is really complex because in an AC electrical power …
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  3. 22/07/2016
    Thanks to the big successful of our downlights collection, Beneito y Faure has decided to increase it with a new one, the AIR dimmable   This new Downlight AIR 22W BENEITO FAURE© is in 4000k and …
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  4. 11/07/2016
    Summer is coming and with the good weather people start to reform the house or Company. These are months with a quite good professional activity, for this reason is important to do a correct stock …
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