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  •         In relation with our expanding plans and new projects we are pleased to present you the new Beneito Faure Headquarters.
                                 All our thanks are direcyed to ours customers and personal team that have trust us that far.

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  1. 28/06/2016
    We would like to inform people that doesn’t know about LED the innumerable vantages that LED lights have. LED meansLIGHT EMITTING DIODE. It’s a light without UV and Mercury and this permit to get …
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  2. 08/06/2016
    A way to help the environments is to use LED lamps instead of traditional bulbs. You can find the reason is in the following topic:  the LED lamps are made by recycling materials, not contain gases …
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  3. 19/05/2016
    If you are looking for original Led lamp but with a traditional light, we are secure that you will love a Vintage style for getting a special atmosphere in your house or in your shop.  To get this …
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  4. 25/04/2016
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