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  •         In relation with our expanding plans and new projects we are pleased to present you the new Beneito Faure Headquarters.
                                 All our thanks are direcyed to ours customers and personal team that have trust us that far.

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  1. 27/06/2017
    BENEITO-FAURE released a new mini catalog to the market with a new format more practical and functional. This is a more manageable mini-catalog allows you to locate quickly our references and …
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  2. 15/06/2017
    BENEITO FAURE announces its entry to the Social Media family. Hereinafter you can find us in Intagram and Youtube as BENEITO FAURE. This decision is has been taken due to strong demand of the global …
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  3. 12/06/2017
    The GLOBAL market in which we are immersed, the requirement of our clients demands and our duty to offer him the best service, compels us to be OPEN ON HOLIDAYS. This year 2017, BENEITO FAURE not …
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  4. 12/06/2017
    We renewed the design of the outdoor projector LIP model
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