BENEITO FAURE©    has increased its range of dichroic LED model UNIFORM 12V and GU10 with new colures 3000K and 4000K apart from the already known 2700K.

Its similar appearance to the conventional halogen converts this lamp in a perfect option in LED with consumption of only 6W and 430 Lm. This dichroic UNIFORM, with its frontal opaque glass, becomes the perfect substitute to the traditional halogen of 50w.

One of the main characteristics of the UNIFORM model from BENEITO FAURE©    is the wide beam angle of 120º joint to the 5 years of guarantee causes this dichroic of the most attractive in the market.


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This summer, BENEITO FAURE ©    will be closed for holidays from the 5th to the 25thof August, both included.

We will be back with renewed energy and we will surprise you with our new projects and lamps that reflect our innovative spirit and will allow us to continue to meet the needs of the lighting market.

We will start with a new catalog that will surprise you for its new design and practicality.

BENEITO FAURE ©   wish to thanks you for your trust and loyalty showed year after year.                                

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At the end of July, it will be available a new BENEITO FAURE © LINEAL 25W. It has a SAMSUNG LED, 2000Lm and 4000K.  Plug in directly on 220-240v.

This new LED lamp R7S has a uniform light and a beam angle of 120º, it is perfect for floodlights and other similar devices.

BENEITO FAURE ©   has got a R7S 25W with SAMSUNG LED and 118 mm which replaces traditional lamp in floodlights.

BENEITO FAURE © gives 5 years of guarantee also for this new led lamp.

Lineal LED 25W R7s


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BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L replies to the latest needs on the market with new LED lamps, STANDARD LED 6W and STANDARD LED 9W, both lamps have SAMSUNG LED and BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L patent.

The new STANDARD 9W of BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L have a SAMSUNG LED inside and a new style. The innovative and efficient design allows this lamp to emit an omnidirectional light.  STANDARD LED 9W is available in 2700k, 3000k and 4000k.

STANDARD LED 6W of BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L is available in 3000k, even so 2700k and 4000k are in project and they will be available by this year.

BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L is increasing its market share thanks to the high quality lamps and 5 years of warranty.

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BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING informs you the replacement of the GLOBE LED 15W with a new model, the GLOBE LED 12W. Thanks to this led lamp, we could get the same Lumen of the previous globe, but with  less Watts.

The new GLOBE LED 12W of BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L has a new style and a beam angle of 360 degrees, but the measure is the same to the old globe model. It is available in 2700k and 3000k

BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING has also included another model, the MICRO GLOBE 6W with LED SAMSUNG. This lamp is smaller than the other globe, but it has the same design. Available in 2700k and 3000k

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BLACK-LINE available in grey

BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L informs that our collection BLACK-LINE with LED SAMSUNG which include the AR111 GU10 and GU53 12W, the PAR 30 12W and the dichroic GU10 and the GU5.3 8W will be available in grey and not in black.

BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L remind you that this change is just esthetic. The technical characteristics don’t change.

BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L is glad for all comments received about the black-line collection. Your comments help our development according with the market needs.


Black line colection gris

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BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L gives a special thanks to our clients and sales network for giving us their immeasurable support during the international Exhibition EUROLUCE in Milan.

Our new TRANSPARENT COLLECTION with LED SAMSUNG inside got a big successful around the world, giving us the opportunity to increase international markets and to open new ones. Thanks to everybody for your time and interest.

We also would like to invite you to share with us a new businesses challenge at the Exhibition LIGHT MIDDLE EAST from 7th – 9th of October in DUBAI where we are going to show our last news. We hope to see you there.

Thanks again for your loyalty to BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L

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BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING S.L. introduces you a new lamp called HOT with LED SAMSUNG. Ouraim is to increase our collection of the AR111 LED SAMSUNG with a new lamp of 1280lm and 16w. It is created for getting places warmer through its GOLDEN REFLECTOR.

Concerning the requests received during the Exhibition EUROLUCE in Milan, this lamp, AR111 LED SAMSUNG model HOT will be available in June.

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BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING SL informs about the availability of a new model of lamp with LED SAMSUNG, AR111 FOX 16W GU10 2700K and 5000k.

Our aim is to satisfy a specific need of the national and international market with a new LED lamp with 2180 lumen, an energy consumption of 16w and an anti-glare effect.

This new LED lamp of BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING SL has a silver colour, 45 degree beam angle and a smooth light.

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BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING, S.L. les informa que ya está disponible su nuevo modelo en lámpara LED SAMSUNG AR111 FOX 16W GU10 en 2700K y 5000K.

Con esta nueva propuesta de lámpara LED,  con un rendimiento lumínico de 2.180 Lumens,  un consumo energético de tan sólo 16W y un componente antideslumbrante que consigue evitar el molesto efecto de la luz directa, damos  respuesta, una vez más, a la demanda más exigente del mercado nacional e internacional.

Este nuevo proyecto de lámpara LED  de BENEITO & FAURE LIGHTING, S.L. se presenta en color SILVER con un ángulo de apertura de 45º  consiguiendo una luz completamente uniforme.

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