The new BENEITO FAURE LED product is the hook lamp with a DICHROIC EFFECT, showed at LIGHT BUILDING 2014. It is an answer to the last needs on the market about Led thecnology.

This new project of BENEITO  FAURE has a temperature color of 3000k, it is a GU10 lamp with 736 Lm and only 6W.


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  1. When people think about LED lamps the first things that come to their mind are the significantly decrease of energy and consumption and the  long life of this lamps

All these aspects can be found in BENEITO FAURE lamps characterized by 50.000 hours of life and an excellent quality-price ratio.

BENEITO FAURE is not only selling the latest LED technology but it is following the philosophy behind the LED.


The most recent studies prove the influence of light on the workers’ productivity. Warm yellow lighting makes a relaxing environment and it’s perfect for a domestic environment, but in workplace can decrease productivity. On the other side a bright white light of LED lamps improve visibility and increase the worker motivation.


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Green world

BENEITO FAURE©   , sensitive and involved in sustainability, works in order to get an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly LED technology.  The lack of pollution materials present in the traditional lamps, such as Mercury, makes our lamps recyclable and eco-friendly.

The BENEITO FAURE’s LED lamps don’t waste energy producing heat and allow their installation in small spaces.

Our 5 year warranty certifies the durability of our lamps and the consequent energy savings with a null maintenance.


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BENEITO FAURE© replies to the latest needs on the market with a new R7S LED.  Soon will be available the new   LINEAL 25W 3000k, 118mm with LED SAMSUNG. Plug directly in 220-240v.  We also remind you that this lamp is already available with a colour temperature of 4000k.

This new BENEITO FAURE© ‘s  project with LED Samsung emits  an uniform light and has a beam angle of 120º . This lamp is perfect for being installed in floodlight.

Lineal LED 25W R7s

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The arrival of Sim

BENEITO FAURE informs about the arrival in our warehouse of the new model which replaces the previous G9 3000K SAMSUNG LED

Thanks to this new model, BENEITO FAURE© has got a new LED lamp that with only 2.2W reaches to 228 Lm. This lamp has a new design, a beam angle of 360ª and a smaller diameter than before.

BENEITO FAURE © wish to thanks all its clients for the success of this new lamp.

The quality of our LED products is distinguished by the 5 years warranty that BENEITO FAURE © offers on all LED products from last year.




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RA of our led collection

BENEITO FAURE informs you that in our catalogue C20 there isn’t the RA of our led collection. You can find this information in our website or in our catalogue C19.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


Best regards,


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LIGHT BUILDING 2014 Hall 4.2 Stand D95

Plano Light + Building BENEITO FAURE Hall 4.2 Hall D95

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MINI CATALOGUE of all LED news is now available

BENEITO FAURE©   informs that its MINI CATALOGUE of all LED news is now available on the website www.beneito-faure.com

The customers interested in the BENEITO FAURE© s  LED news  can download the PFD using the CLIENT AREA on the website or ask for it to the staff of BENEITO FAURE©

BENEITO FAURE© is glad tokeep their customers informed about the latest development of LED technology.


mini catalogo LED BENEITO FAURE

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BENEITO FAURE© informs you that its LED products aren’t dimmable.

We are working with the aim to achieve LED technology compatible with the majority dimmable led drivers in the market. Our intention is to continue offering cutting edge products with high quality, performance and guarantee.

The BENEITO FAURE©’s    I+D, will not stop doing research and technical studies in order to achieve our goal.

BENEITO FAURE© will keep you informed of all progress.

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Light + Building, the most important Exhibition for lighting and LED technology will be opened again from 30th of March until 4th of April 2014 in Frankfurt.
BENEITO FAURE invites you to join it and to repeat this experience with its staff at the most important trade fair in design and technology.
We hope to see you at our stand D95 in the Hall 4.2


Hall 4.2 Stand D95

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